The Ultimate Christmas Quiz

Looking for a quiz to run this Christmas? We have the solution! Our Christmas Quiz is packed full of Christmas related questions, including music and picture rounds. This is the ultimate festive quiz to play this holiday season, so buy today for only £4.99.

What you'll get in our Christmas quiz:
70 Challenging Questions, all Christmas themed - From all the popular categories.
Contestant Answer Sheet - In PDF format to simply download and print out.
Picture And Lyrics Answer Sheets - Print out and hand out at the beginning of the quiz so that contestants can fill in throughout the quiz.
10 Clip Christmas Music Round - MP3 File ready to play from your device. All songs are combined into one file for ease.
Quizmaster Question Sheet - Print or download onto your device to ask the questions.
Quizmaster Answer Sheet - Print or download and make sure you keep it out of sight!
The Complete Christmas Quiz

A christmas quiz is great for a trivia night in the festive season, whether it's at home with the family or with your office colleagues.

Our christmas quiz questions cover the main categories, from entertainment rounds to science and nature. As with our regular weekly quizzes, we have a music round of 10 songs, all christmas festive hits.
Our picture round and lyrics round is fully xmas related, with lyrics from Christmas number ones and characters from christmas movies.

Examples of Christmas Questions

On which date is the first day of Christmas?

In the festive legend, how many reindeers pulled Santa's sleigh?

In which century was A Christmas Carol first published?

Which singer covered Elton John's 'Your Song' in the 2010 John Lewis Christmas advert?

It's lucky to find what in a Christmas pudding?