Running a quiz from home during the lockdown

With the current lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus, finding something to do with your friends and family is difficult. With the technology we have today, we are lucky that we can make video calls to our friends, and even have multiple participants on the same call.

One activity that can be done with everyone is to host a quiz! And with our quizzes, we’ve done the hard work for you so all you need to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Buy our latest quiz and download the files

Simply click on the buy button and pay through our payment provider PayPal. Once payment is complete, you'll be redirected to our confirmation page which contains the links to the quiz. Each link can be either opened or downloaded. We recommend downloading the files to your device.

Step 2 - Arrange the quiz time with your friends and/or family

Find a time for the quiz. The quiz can take anytime between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much time you want to give your contestants to answer the questions.

Step 3 - Start the call

Once it's time to start the quiz, simply use a video or call conferenceing service to connect with everyone. You can use WhatsApp for up to 4 participants in the group. If you have more people than 4 people then Zoom or Webex are platforms you can use. For both the free version only allows a maximum time of 40 minutes at once, so you will need to restart the call once this time is up.
Make sure you tell all the teams that no cheating is allowed!

Step 4 - Send over the Contestant Answer Sheet and Picture Round

Once everyone is on the call, send over the answer sheet which can be printed out to scribble answers on. For contestants to write out their answers, we recommend they write their answers electronically on a Word document, or Notes in their phone. This is so that once the quiz is complete, the answers can be electronically sent over to another team for marking.
Also send over the picture round which is in PDF format. These questions can be answered throughout the duration of the quiz.

Step 5 - Start asking the questions

The first two rounds (General Knowledge and Sports) can now be read out by the quizmaster host. Take the appropriate time you need for the teams to answer the questions. Tip: Repeat the question each time you read it out.

Step 6 - Play the Music round

If in a Zoom or Webex call you should be able to play the MP3 file on your device. If on WhatsApp, playing the MP3 file will cause the call to end. To solve this, we recommend playing the MP3 file on another device so everyone can hear, or sending the mp3 file to the group for them to play themselves.

Step 7 - Ask the remaining questions

Continue with the quiz questions, working your way through each category.

Step 8 - Finish and marking the answers

Once the quiz is complete, either ask the teams to send their answers to yourself for marking, or allocate teams to send their answers to another team to mark. As you read through the answers to each question, we recommend the teams marking use a tally chart to score. Once the marking is complete, either gather the scores or ask each team to read out the score of the team they are marking.

Step 9 - Tie break

If two teams have scored the same amount of points, then use the tie breaker question to find the winner. Closest to the answer wins.

Step 10 - Thank everyone for playing

The quiz is now complete. Thank everyone for playing and don't forget to download next week's quiz!

Step 11 - Take a look at our Top 30 questions and Answers

To see what our quiz questions are like, click here to see our top 30 questions across all our categories.