30 Top Quiz Questions and Answers

Challenge yourself to the following 30 questions covering all our major categories. Why not use these for your next lockdown video call with friends and family. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

Quiz Questions
General Knowledge
1. What number does the Roman numeral ‘L’ stand for?
2. On a computer keyboard, which letter is below H and J?
3. Which social media platform came first - Snapchat or Instagram?
4. How many sides does a 20p have?
5. If it’s 8pm in London on a June evening, what time is it in Mexico City?
6. Who has managed both the Australian and English men's national football teams?
7. What number does the Roman numeral ‘L’ stand for?
8. How many track races are included in a decathlon?
9. How far is it between the two set of stumps on a cricket pitch - 18, 20 or 22 yards?
10. What colour is the middle ring in the Olympic logo?
11. On which river would you find the Victoria Falls?
12. How many countries in the world begin with the letter ‘I’?
13. Which US state is the furthest west?
14. Which river is longest, the Nile or the Amazon?
15. Which city is furthest north - Leicester or Birmingham?
16. Which year does Marty McFly travel back to in Back to the Future part 1?
17. Who provides the voice for the donkey in Shrek?
18. What is the first name of any band member of Coldplay other than Chris Martin?
19. In which year were the A-Team sent to a prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit?
20. Which came first, The Only Way Is Essex or Made In Chelsea?
Arts, Literature and History
21. In which famous novel do the characters Matthew Pocket and Mr Pumblechook appear?
22. Which English king was killed in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings?
23. Who wrote the horror novel Dracula?
24. Which artist painted ‘The Night Watch’?
25. Who was the Greek goddess of victory?
Science and Nature
26. Q and which other letter does not appear in the periodic table of the elements?
27. ‘Brad’s Drink’ was the original name for which carbonated soft drink brand?
28. As at 2020, how tall is the tallest tree in the world – 85, 105 or 115 meters?
29. How many moons does Mars have?
30. From which country does Broccoli originate?
Quiz Answers
General Knowledge
1. 50
2. N
3. Instagram
4. 7
5. 2pm
6. Terry Venables
7. 28
8. 4
9. 22 yards
10. Black
11. Zambezi
12. 8
13. Hawaii
14. Nile
15. Leicester
16. 1955
17. Eddie Murphy
18. Jonny, Will, Guy or Phil
19. 1972
20. The Only Way Is Essex
Arts, Literature and History
21. Great Expectations
22. King Harold
23. Bram Stoker
24. Rembrandt
25. Nike
Science and Nature
26. J
27. Pepsi
28. 115 meters?
29. 2
30. Italy