Quiz Picture Round

Each of our picture rounds has multiple images from various topics. We cover a huge variety of topics, including popular themes such as 'name the celebrity', 'name the country from the flag' and 'name the film'. We also have some more tricky themes such as 'name the type of pasta' which makes our quiz a great challenge.

The picture rounds are printed out and given to the teams at the start of the quiz. The team members have the duration of the quiz to name all the pictures, writing their answers in the answer sheet provided.

Picture Round Example - Name The Country

Turkey Flag Venezuala Flag Netherlands Flag Morocco Flag

More about our Picture Round

Having produced multiple picture rounds, we have covered a vast number of picture topics. One of the things we do to make the round more challenging is to use Photoshop to change images. For example, a popular topic that we regularly have is movie posters featuring a specific actor or year of release, with the name of the film removed so that the challenge for our contestantsis to guess the name of the movie. Here are a couple of examples of classic films from the 70's, with the name removed from the image. Can you guess the films?

Quiz Picture Round Example One Quiz Picture Round Example Two

We cover as many picture topics as we can think of, with various amounts of difficulty. A favourite of ours is taking a map of somewhere in the world or even an Undergroud map where we remove some of the stations and the challenge is to fill in the blanks form the picture. Can you guess the missing stations from the picture below?

Underground Map Picture Quiz

In each picture round there are 30 answers to find, including the 5 lyrics that are also on the PDF sheet. We make all our picture rounds in Photoshop and then export to PDF which are easily downloadable and can be printed out. If running the quiz virtually, you can send the picture round sheet over to the teams to view on their device.