Quiz Categories

We cover all the quiz categories that make a quiz varied and fun! By doing this all quiz contestants can get involved which makes a quiz much more fun and enjoyable.

In each category, we have a variety of questions that cover a vast range of topics. For example in our Sports round, many sports are covered and not just the main most popular ones.

Take A Look At Our Quiz Categories

Our Range of Quiz Categories

We cover a vast range of quiz categories in our quizzes. This is to ensure that all contestants can contribute no matter which topic is their strongest.

Our general knowledge round covers all the categories that we have, but also cover those topics where questions don't quite fit. For example questions about current politics or company slogans make great questions in this round.

Our picture round mixes all the categories into visual questions. In this round we cover areas such as naming the country from the map, name the movie, name the footballer and lots more. The music round is a really enjoyable for all participants, with 30 seconds of a song played followed by the next is always a great challenge, especially when the answer is on the tip of your tongue and then the next song start!

We hope you enjoy all our quiz questions from each category we cover.