Here are our frequently asked questions and answers. If you still have a question then please contact us.

What’s the weekly quiz like?

To put a pub quiz together takes hours of research to get the right questions, plus building the quiz itself to include picture and music rounds. We pride ourselves on ensuring our quizzes are of high quality which means that we include good trivia questions from a wide range of categories.

What if an answer given is wrong?

We try our best to ensure that all questions and answers are accurate, but being human there may be an occasional error despite multiple checks made in our review process.

How do I run a pub quiz?

It’s easy! All you need to do is buy our weekly quiz and print out the materials and have a device to play the music. The questions are all in order so just follow the question sheet.

How long does the quiz take?

This depends on how long you leave between questions, and how many times you pay the music round. We suggest around 2 hours is optimum time, which allows players to study the picture rounds, and to buy more drinks!

How do I play the music round?

The music round is comes as one mp3 file where we have combined the song tracks. Simply plug and play or even stream depending on your speaker system.

What happens when I buy the weekly quiz?

Once purchased, you'll be able to download the files. You’ll also be able to view the files on the website and play the music file.

How is payment made?

We partner with Paypal so all payments are made through their secure system. This means that we do not store, manage or even see your payment details.

Do prices include VAT?

Yes, prices include VAT. Our VAT number is 307 3167 22.

Is your site secure?

Yes – we have SSL across the whole of the site so your details are encrypted with the latest technology.

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