How To Run A Pub Quiz

Everyone loves a good pub quiz, but running a trivia quiz isn’t as easy as it seems. Following the advie below will make it easy, fun and keep your audience engaged. There’s no better sight for a quizmaster than to ask a question and see the contestants thinking deeply about the answer, sure they know it but can’t quite remember.

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The hardest part of a quiz is building the quiz in the first place. It takes a number of hours to get it right, and that's where we do all the hard work for you. We spend a lot of time researching the questions, building the picture rounds in Photoshop and putting together the music round into one file. All you have to do is buy the Weekly Quiz.

Prepare the venue

Make sure your venue is ready for the quiz so contestants can sit together in teams, without being too close to neighbouring teams! Check that the speakers work for both the quizmaster's microphone and is set up to easiy play the mp3 file for the music round. Also make sure you have enough pens to hand out to the teams so they can write their answers down.

Print out the Picture Round and Contestant Answer Sheets

Both these sheets will need to be printed out and given out to the teams at the start of the quiz. Make sure there are enough copies for everyone and have spares just in case!

Get the timing right

Being a quizmaster requires a lot of patience. Contestants need time to think and answer the questions, especially with picture rounds that are left out to answer during the quiz. Don’t make the quiz too long, aim for around 2 hours in total.

No cheating

Tell the contestants they are cheating themselves if they cheat. If you see a contestant cheating, you can deduct points to stop them doing it again. Cheating ruins a quiz, especially if there is a prize as teams won't return if they see other teams looking up the answers. Reiterate the point that the best part of the quiz is the challenge of trying to answer all the questions without any external help.